16 x 32 Lazy L Replacement Liner


What is included in your Liner Purchase:

  •   Complete Closing Special ($339 Value)
  •   Drain pool – cut, remove and discard old liner
  •   Custom measure for new liner
  •   Steel wall prep work (remove rust, clean, and seal)
  •   Pressure test all plumbing lines (suction & returns)
  •   Replace face plates & gaskets
  •   Installation of new custom liner

Latham Tru-Fit Liners – 3 Year Full Warranty – 25 Year Pro Rated

Pattern selection can be choosen once we haven taken full measurements of the pool

Note: Full payment is not required upon initial purchase of replacement liner.  Please select “Contact me for Payment” upon checkout and we will call you for a deposit and to set up a date for your liner drain and measure.  Thank You!